The Characters:

Cosmo Schwartz: 60, the founder of the Cosmos Coffee Cup: the world's most famous coffee shop.
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Ian: 25, a Captain with dual master's degrees who experiences the first day of work from hell.

Tim: 20s a Captain who works at a Cosmos Coffee Cup on a college campus. 

Pepper: 19, a Captain who is obsessed with her job.

Sonia: None of your business, "seasoned" Captain who hates Christmas.

Sumitra: 40, A doctor from India with a flawless work ethic.

Randy: 34, a gay, no-nonsense Captain from a small, "all-American" town in the South.

Sage: Ageless, a new-age employee with a heart of gold that gets broken.

Ronald: 30, A longtime Captain with a big dream.

Each character has an intriguing story to tell.  A story of overcoming adversity, and moving forth in life. The stories are funny, touching, heart-felt, and most of all thought provoking. Through these nine characters, one is given the opportunity to explore the many challenges we deal with as human beings. Inside the Cup is meant to remind you that you never know who is serving you coffee at your local coffee shop, that there is always more than meets the eye to any person, and that deep down inside ourselves, we are all more alike than we are different.